Voting Terms & Conditions

  1. Votes can be casted via website: or by downloading the mobile application of 'Pepsi Battle Of The Bands' (Android and iOS) on users’ smartphones and casting their vote with the valid email address.
  2. Voters can cast the vote by logging in through a valid email ID, valid Facebook account or Gmail account.
  3. If any voter does not have a Facebook, Gmail account or any other email address then they will be required to create an email account on either Gmail, Facebook or an any other platform before being able to vote online.
  4. They will be presented with a login page with a ‘Login with Facebook’ or “Log in with Gmail” or “Register” button to log in and cast their vote.
  5. One vote can be casted by one valid email ID.

In case of any dispute, PepsiCo appointed auditor decision shall be final and binding.